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Gowmata and Pitrudevata Aaradhana, Pitru Paksha

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Pitrudevatas and their aaradhana is of primordial importance as according to our Shastras and Vedas. Let us first understand who Pitru devatas are, and their importance to lead a life devoid of misfortunes, uncertainties, debts, familial, and financial difficulties.

Detailed illustrations of Pitrudevatas appear in Mahabharata, in Bheeshma Yudhishthira Samvada, where Bheeshma talks about the conversation between Vaishampayana and Janamejaya, about Yagna Varaha Avatara of Sri maha Vishnu.

After Yagna Varaha Swami comes out of the ocean, covered with mud, he plucks his hair, which become the sacred Darbha. Daiva beejas fall from the follicles of his hair, which become black Til (sesame seeds). Yagna Varaha Swami, then spreads the Darbha in the Dakshina direction, and with the mud that covered his body, he makes three pindas and offers Tarpana and does Pinda Pradana to the Pitrudevatas.

The entire universe is of Tejas, Ap, and Anna.

Anna is the swaroopa of bhoomi or earth. So the pindas are made of Anna.

Yagna Varaha Swamy sets an example of Pinda Pradana and orders that the ritual be followed by all and not just humans. Even devatas do Pitru Karma and Aaradhana to Pitrudevatas.

These pindas offered by Yagna Varaha Swamy to Pitrudevatas are called Sanatapinda.

This story makes it amply clear that Pitru Karma Vidhi was formulated by Sakhshath Maha Vishnu.

Pitrudevatas are the progeny of the devatas. Vaishampayana says

With constant Deva Danava Yuddhas, the devatas lost the smriti of the Vedas,

During such critical time, it was the Pitrudevatas, who taught and brought back the smriti of the Vedas to the Devatas, which made them the gurus of the Devatas.

Pitrudevatas thus became, fathers to their fathers as guru takes the inevitable position of a father.

An illustraion of Pitru Devatas, and performance of Pitru Paksha Pooja along with the offerings to appease the Pitru Devatas
Image Source: Pitru Devata Stuti

Such is the importance of Pitru Devatas. Vaishampayana further states, those who decline to or defer from Pitru pooja and Karma, become unworthy of devata pooja and yagna.

Pitru devatas do not refer to our ancestors, but those devatas, which guide our beloved departed to Utthama Gathi and show them the way through the darkest realms of Pretha.

Every Atma, which takes the Upadhi or form of Manushya Janma is born with five debts or Runas:

  1. Deva runam

  2. Pitru runam

  3. Rishi runam

  4. Bhootha runam

  5. Manushya runam

Those who do not relinquish these debts in their Janma, are not eligible for Mukti, and such Atma, will incur Kruthagnyatha Dosham

This Dosha will create hurdles in Aihika and Paramardhika journey .

Jeevitho vakya karam

Pratyandham bhoori bhojanam

Gayayam pinda danamcha

Tribhihi putrasya putrathaha

This is vedaa vachanam.

This means, a son would be called a son, if he performs the three duties to his parents

1) Venerating to words of parents when they are alive

2) Ceremonial rituals of Shraddha every year after their death

3) Pinda Pradana at Gaya

If the ceremonial rituals are not done, the progeny suffers from Pitru Dosha and Shrapa, which will beget great suffering in his life.

If one is suffering from lack of peace, uncertainty, instability, marital issues, childlessness, problem with children, or children facing acute problems, then it is an indication that there is Pitru Dosha and Shrapa in the family.

Every astute hindu, should perform 96 Sharddha Karmas in a year to his ancestors.

Because it is not possible for all to do so, they should at least perform Pitru Karmas 3 times in a year.

  1. Annual Shraddha Karma

  2. Amavasya Tarpanam

  3. Mahalaya Pitrupaksha Karma

There are only six media, which carry our prayer and Pinda to Pitrudevatas .They are:

  1. Surya ( giving Tarpana to Surya daily in the Pitrupaksha with mantras)

  2. Chandra( giving Tarpana to Chandra in the Pitrupaksha with mantras)

  3. Agni ( giving Ahuti to Agni during Pitrupaksha)

  4. Jala ( Pinda Pradana through water)

  5. Brahmin ( offering bhojana to a brahmin)

  6. Gowmatha ( offering food to gowmatha)

Saurabheya sarvahitha sarva papa pranasanam,

Pratigrihnatu grasam, gavatstrailokya mathaeaha

- Markandeya Maharshi

The easiest among the six ways is feeding Gowmata, during Pitrupaksha to relinquish Pitru-runa and also appease Pitrudevata to get rid of Pitrudosha.

Whatever serious unexplained and unexpected problem we might be facing, are due to Pitru Dosha and Pitru Shrapas.

To get relieved of these Doshas, it is advised to feed Gowmatas, the prescribed food according to the trouble that has engulfed our lives.

We at Kamadhenu Gowshala, are organising remedies after a thorough research, with offering of specific Nivedana to gowmatas, which would absolve the Pitrushrapa and Doshas there in.

Participate in Gow Tulabharam on this Pitrupakshas, with specific Nivedana to Gowmata, to get rid of problems and appease Pitrudevatas.

Om sree gomatre namaha

Om sreekrishnaya namaha


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