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Updated: May 30

🙏Om Sree Gomatre Namaha 🙏

Kamadhenu Gowshala began its operations in 2018, by rescuing Gowmatas, that could potentially end up in slaughter, by purchasing them from government specified cattle markets.

From then on, as much as we could, we kept on rescuing Gowmatas, whichever came to our notice and by 2021 we rescued 350+ Gowmatas and had spent about ₹4.5 crores, for rescuing Gowmatas, along with establishing & maintaining the Gowshala from our family’s own internal financial resources until June 2021. After that, we lost our ability to spend.

Gowshala was registered in July 2021. Since then, with the help of all of you,

We are sustaining day to day operations of the Gowshala and also could rescue 120+ Gowmatas till date.

But as situations were getting tough, for the maintenance of the Gowshala, we had to stop the rescue operations, and to escape the tough situation of helplessness, where in we would get information about Gowmatas in distress - we blocked all the numbers of those, who would give us information of Gowmatas, as we weren’t capable of rescuing any of them. We apparently became blind and deaf to the heart wrenching cries of gowmatas.

But Krishna ichha,

A couple of days back, we got a Whatsapp forward about 200+ Gowmatas in Kamareddy district of Telangana, whose owner is in severe financial troubles, and is selling half of his herd, about 100 gowmatas, to wriggle out of his situation.

Though we tried giving it a blind eye, it kept coming on and on again & again. Considering it is a message from Krishna, we decided to go ahead and save the Gowmatas putting the onus totally on the lotus feet of Krishna.

On 29 May 2022, one of our trustee went to verify the details, and found out, that these Gowmatas are very less milk yielding, whose milk is just enough for their calves. In other words, these Gowmatas commercially unviable for dairies or farmers, so to avoid the obvious, that they could end up as beef, we have taken this mission of rescuing as many as Possible accepting it as a command from KRISHNA.

We came to an agreement to buy adult Gowmatas for ₹18000 and calves for ₹9000, We have absolutely no idea how we would do that, but if it’s Krishna’s mission, he would definitely have a plan. As for the struggle to provide to Gowmatas, along with 500+ we would strive a little more , take a little more stress, slog and do whatever in our capacity and accommodate these Gowmatas too.

यथो धर्मः ततो कृष्णः

यथो कृष्ण: ततो जय:

We are with Dharma, and where Dharma is Krishna is definitely present; and where Krishna is, victory is but mandatory.

Various options to donate:

UPI: rpy.kamadhenugowmataseva@icici

UPI: kamadhenu.09@cmsidfc

Milaap: https://milaap.org/fundraisers/support-kamadhenu-gowshala

Ketto: https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/support-kamadhenu-gowshala

Razorpay: https://pages.razorpay.com/donate-for-gowseva

Hare Krishna 🙏

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