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Godaan and it's importance

GODAAN IS A MANDATORY RITUAL IN ONE’S LIFETIME ​- Sri Maha Vishnu’s, lessons & treatises to Garuda is called “Garuda Purana”

Major Gains & Benefits of Godaan:

  1. Pitru Dosha: Suffering of the Souls of Ancestors, causes Instability, Conflict, Misery, and Problems to the Progeny as Inheritors. Godaan Relieves Departed Souls from Agony, thus dissolving the curse of Pitru Dosha. Read more:

  2. Runa: Many Debts “Cash or Kind” are Incurred in One’s Lifetime. Big - Small, Knowingly - Unknowingly or Willingly - Unwillingly. If not Discharged in Lifetime, One has to take another birth to Repay. Godaan if done, settles all such outstanding debts.

  3. Karma: Negative Deeds done Knowingly or Unknowingly in this Janma or Previous Births, Obstruct our Rightful Fortune and Bliss in the current Life. Godaan helps clear the clutter.

  4. Utkranti: Death Feels Like 42,000 Scorpions Biting at Once (Garuda Purana). Godaan helps prevent such pain at the time of death.

  5. Vaitarani: Uttara Kanda or Pretha Kanda of the Garuda Purana, describes the journey of a Soul after Death. One of the Toughest trial of the journey being, Crossing Vaitarini. It’s a horrific river of Hell, filled with foul Blood, Flesh, full of Poisonous creatures & many more Visceral Terrors. It’s too Very Horrific to write the details here, so providing the link: One Who Performs Godaan in his Lifetime, Gets to Cross Vaitarani River in a Boat, Holding onto the Tail of Gowmata.

  6. Moksha: The Ultimate Aim of Soul is to Escape the Birth-Death cycle. Godaan supports achieving this goal.

  7. Antardhenu: Soul has to Walk Long Distance on Hot Road After Death. Godaan Facilitates the Journey on Horse.

  8. Efficacy: Healthy Person Performing Godaan increases the Efficacy by 1000 Times. Read more:

Our Resident Panditji, Sri Seshkant Mishra ji, a sanskrit scholar from Varanasi, Will Perform the Ritual & Accept the Daan. Video of the Ritual Will Be Sent. Gowmata will stay in Gowshala along with Panditji. Those who have the feasibility, may visit Gowshala & do the ritual of godaan.

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