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​About us

Kamadhenu Gowshala & Foundation was previously a privately run Gowshala established by the founding family out of personal devotion. After being hit suddenly and harshly by the Covid crisis, the founding family's businesses and finances diminished and they were unable to sustain the Gowshala.


The past 12+ months were especially hard. As they were affluent business family, belonging to business community, they had substantial quantities of gold and silver - all of which was sold to sustain the Gowshala operations. The finances deteriorated to an extent that from April 2021, Gowshala standards deteriorated fast, and went from being the best maintained Gowshala to poorly maintained Gowshala. Having no other choice, the family decided to turn the Gowshala into a charitable trust.

With the help of well wishers, the Gowshala has been converted to a state registered trust, being audited, and planned to be run as a not for profit venture.


Registration ID is 5/BK-IV/2021 of Telangana State. 80(G) and 12A have been approved, and we are now eligible for CSR.

Audit for Financial Year 2021-2022

The Gowshala is spread over 3.5 acre land leased for 10 years, and is located at Mokila, outskirts of Hyderabad, Telangana. The Gowshala houses 700 cows and calves, most of them rescued or rehoused and rehabilitated. Rescue Missions List

With the public support that the Gowshala has got over the last year, not only has Gowshala has since regained it standards and can again claim to be the best maintained Gowshala, we have also rescued over 200 Gowmatas the past year, and are taking care of with love and devotion with all your help. Everyday is a challenge, but seva to Gowmata will continue and shall not falter through Krishna's grace 🙏

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