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अधिकास्य अधिकं फलं (Adhikasya Adhika Phala) is the word of shastras, which means

any PUNYA KARMA, done in ADHIKA MASAM, would bestow us with infinite punya.

Amongst all Adhika Masam, ADHIKA SRAVANA MASAM is considered extremely powerful, and it occurs every 19 years.

ADHIKA SRAVANA MASAM, will end with AMAVASYA on 16/08/2023, and is highly auspicious for PITRU SHANTI (Peace for Ancestors).

PITRU DOSHAS cause chaos, pain instability and trauma in life's and hence essential to satiate them through certain rituals - One mandatorily being PITRU TARPANA, the another most effective one being GODANAM.

CHANDOGYA UPANISHAD says that just as we inherit the genes of our ancestors (vibhuti), we inherit the memory of their souls too. When the souls encounter difficulties in PITRU YANA(Journey of the soul), and they don't reach their destination through the rituals that should mandatorily be done by their progeny, their trauma becomes negative energy in our lives, which cause chaos in our material, physical, emotional and psychological avenues.

GODANAM on ADHIKA SRAVANA MASAM, satiates PITRU DOSHAS, and removes obstacles that come inbetween our deserved good fortunes.

Godaan Ceremony performed for those who opted for Godaan on Akshaya Tritiya
Godaan performed by Our Panditji

Mahabharata states that those who rescue a Gomata from slaughter, are blessed with ASHWAMEDHA YAGA PHALA (BHEESHMA YUDHISHTHIRA SAMVAD)

MISSION ANTYODAYA GORAKSHA (Our successor organisation)


(Rescue Videos: 3rd August -, 4th August -, 5th August -,

6th - , 7th -.... BE A PART OF THE NEXT RESCUE)

Request all to be part of this sacred endeavour of GORAKSHA,

and contribute Yathashakthi as per capacy to rescue a cow from danger attain ASHWAMEDHA YAGA PHALA (The yaga itself is forbidden in Kali yuga, so this is the only way to attain this Phala)

if possible, sponsor a rescue and do GODANAM of the rescued Gomata, and remove PITRU DOSHA AND PITRU SHRAAP WITH GODANAM 🙏

UPI: antyodayagoraksha@sbi


Bank: State Bank of India

Name on Account: Mission Antyodaya Goraksha Charitable Trust

Current Account Number: 42129553899

IFSC: SBIN0020083

Branch: Nallakunta


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