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Expenditure for food:

  • Breakfast: 60 Bundles of dry grass / day = ₹ 9,000

  • Lunch: 60 Bundles of dry grass / day = ₹ 9,000

  • Dinner: 6.75 tons of green grass / day = ₹ 27,000

Total adds up to:

 13.5 lakhs per month


 45,000 per day

Gowseva Plans

Dry Grass for 1 Cow/ month


Green Grass for 1 Cow / month


All needs for 1 Cow / month


Dry grass breakfast / all cows


Please note: Due to cash crunch, we have removed cattle feed  (Kalli, Chunni, and Bhuusa) from feed, instead feeding dry grass for breakfast. We hope to resume it soon once finances stabilise 🙏

Cattle Feed would cost about  45,000 extra per day, which would mean total expenditure of 27 Lakhs per month, or 3.24 Cr. per annum.

Breakfast & lunch / all cows


Green Grass for all cows / day


A day's food for all Gowmatas


Every Rupee counts, as drop and drop make up the ocean
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Alternate Payment Methods: 

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Recurring Donations

Click on below items if you wish to make regular donation for Gowseva.

On subscribing, the donation amount will be auto deducted in a periodic manner.

This is currently only available for Indian accounts only 🙏


Specific Gowseva

Please Note:

  • 80(G) Exemption is available for Indian Taxpayers 

  • FCRA registration is still pending. As such, please make any foreign contribution (USD, CAD, GBP, etc) or NRI ACCOUNT Transactions to our fundraiser only.

  • Kindly contact us at with your donation details, in case you don't receive the receipt automatically to your email, or if you have made a direct donation via our UPI ID or Bank transfer.

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