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Gowlogical solutions

“GOWLOGIC” is a term Coined by Kamadhenu Gowshala & Foundation,

for the Essence Taken from various scriptures & puranas (Parashara Samhita, Parashurama Gomati Vidya, Mahabharata, Garuda Purana, Shibi Charitra, etc.).

Feeding Gowmatas different offerings gives different benefits and gives relief from various doshas and troubles.

250 gms of various different items to each of the 600 Gowmatas at Kamadhenu Gowshala, to Act as a Catalyst For:

1. Achieving Various Aspirations 
2. Solving Various Problems 
3. Fulfiling Various Wishes

Choose from the Below Tables

Catalyst To
Lady Finger / Bhindi
Gain confidence
Potatoes / Aloo
Gets rid of nazar / evil eye
Coccinia / Kundru
Peace of mind
Wheat / Gehun
Name and fame
Yellow Cucumber / Peeli Kakdi
Win over enemies
Wheat Flour & Jaggery
To get job
Brinjal / Baigan
Blessed with children
Carrot / Gajar
Improvement of business
Rice Flour & Jaggery
Peaceful life
Bananas / Kela
Promotion in job & profession
Beetroot & Palak
Gaining riches
Financial Gains
Himalayan Pink Salt
Avoid untimely deaths
Ragi flour & Jaggery
Gets rid of ill fate
Horse Gram / Kulti
Stability in job & profession
Whole Chickpea / Chana
Spiritual growth
Safflower seeds / Kusum
Purification of soul
Chowli leaves & Jaggery
Legal issues and court cases
Chickpea / Chana Dal
Overcome family differences
Whole Pigeon pea / Toor
Controlling anger
Whole Black Gram / Urad
Gain Self Esteem
Black Eye Beans / Chowli
Growth in wealth
Pigeon Pea / Toor Dal
Clear debts
Green Gram / Moong
Improve education
Black Gram / Urad Dal
Health and vitality
Graha Dosha
Wheat / Gehun
Green Gram / Moong
Kala Til / Black Sesame
Whole Chickpea / Chana
Whole Black Gram / Urad
Whole Pigeon pea / Toor
Black Eye Beans / Chowli
Horse Gram / Kulti

Gowlogical solutions form


Thanks for reaching out. Please make the payment on the opened link. We shall get back to you soon.


  1. Submit your details along with your choice of offering and make the payment. 

  2. 150kgs of the Selected offering will be served to 600 Cows, Each Gowmata will receive about 250g of your offering.

  3. Offerings to Gowmatas will be Done on the nearest Pournami or Amavasya for optimum results. 

  4. Video of serving to Gowmatas will be sent on your email.

You will be automatically redirected to payment page after submitting the form. In case the payment page does not load, please click on the following button to pay.:

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