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To adopt a Gowmata and take care of her is like adopting a temple, and ensuring Nitya Kainkaryas to Devata. According to Mahabharata, this is the only way to attain "Vajapeya Yagna" Phala, which is Nishiddha in Kaliyuga.

By adopting Gowmata, you would be providing for her daily feed of Green Grass, Dry Grass, and Cattle Feed, along with daily seva.

You can select the Gowmata from the list and fill the form at the bottom of the page.

Adopt a Gowmata

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  • You can choose to adopt a Gowmata along with her calf, or just adopt a calf.
  • Adoption cost is ₹4,500 / Month or ₹54,000 / Year for Gowmata
  • You can name the Gowmata you adopt.
  • Make your choice, and fill the form
  • Kindly make the payment on our donation page. You can choose a recurring payment option too if you wish: Click Here 
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