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Exposing the lies

Updated: Nov 6, 2022


founding familys story:

Kamadhenu Gowshala and Foundation is a Gowshala with about 600 desi cows and calves, located in Mokila, Hyderabad. managed by its chairman and managing trustee d.gaja lakshmi, a 72 years old widow, whose husband gopal setty along with son srinivas, were stabbed 14 times by a tapancha (sharp knife) in front of her eyes, gopal setty was declared dead upon arrival at hospital, srinivas survived. as the enemies were and are powerful even today, not a single person was convicted, and their family is haunted, harrassed and businesses sabotaged outrightly using state instruments and machinery multiple times and its outrightly going on even today.

It was previously a privately-run Gowshala, established in 2018 by the founding family with 4.5 crores of their own money, out of personal devotion6+.

However, after being hit harshly by the pandemic and sabotaged by enemies, using the state machinery,

reasons, their finances diminished and they were unable to run the Gowshala on their own.

In June 2021, the family met Rakesh Naik and Usha Nirmala, and with their advice, turned the Gowshala into a state-registered trust, being audited and run as a non-profit, headed by Mrs. Gajalakshmi Devati, a widow of 72 years, as Managing trustee and chairperson.

Of late, our ex-advisors, Usha Nirmala and Rakesh Naik, have started lying and maligning the Gowshala and we are forced to rebut.


After quitting as Gowshala advisors, they sent us a "pre-legal notice" filled with lies - claiming that we did not take their advice. This is a lie.

Below is the copy of the "pre-legal notice" sent to us

Excerpt from their "pre-legal notice"

Contrary to their lies, at the very first instance, of getting a suggestion, as we had Gowmatas well-being overwhelmingly in our mind, we immediately responded with our acceptance.

Here's the proof:

After they advised, we immediately agreed to disassociate from Gowshala in the interest of Gowmatas

We picked an option from the advise they gave

We had agreed to takeover of the trust, but had never agreed for transport of Gowmatas to another Gowshala, and we maintain the same stance even now.

2. We are then suddenly threatened with a preposterous "pre-legal notice", and they began slandering us.

Contrary to their lies,

while we were being witch hunted by our enemies using state instruments,

We always kept looking for eminent and capable Dharmik people to handover the responsibility of the Gowshala

We have tweeted and tagged the tweet also DM-ed it to hundreds of people, regarding the same.

Proof:(check the date)

In fact, in our initial conversations with them, kindly check what we had asked

DM Chat dated 30 May 2021, between @ushanirmala and @gowkinkara

DM Chat dated 30 May 2021, between @ushanirmala and @gowkinkara

As we were obviously hesitant about sending 600+ Gowmatas without any checks, we enquired about the facilities and their finances, to which we got no response.

Yet, they still have the audacity to lie that we will not handover the Gowshala, and that we intend to make money off it.

3. We had approached them transparently and made them aware of all the problems we were facing.

Gowshala was established in 2018, with our OWN resources of 4.5 crores, over 3 years for establishing & maintaining the Gowshala. and had not accepted any donations before June 2021, we accepted and requested donations only after the trust was registered.


Unfortunately due to pandemic, we were out of business & broke. Taking advantage of our weak position, our enemies found a way to implicate our family in character assassinating false cases (no one needs to believe).

This happened due to an ongoing property issue against powerful people. Their modus operandi can be summarised with a saying in our native language that translates to "If a dog needs to be killed, you need to first label it as insane publicly". A witch hunt was organised to make us bend. We didn't relent. We are fighting while devoting ourselves to Gowseva.

We filed quash petitions, against the false cases in Hon. High court and are fighting it out legally.

Meanwhile, by raising some loans, selling our liquid assets (gold silver) & help of a Jain temple, we could somehow maintain the Gowshala until up to June 2021. While it was becoming impossible to maintain Gowshala, we came across Usha Nirmala ji on twitter, through her Rakesh Naik ji. We explained our complete situation, and our helplessness, upon which, they advised us to form a trust & guided us through the process, We can never thank them enough for that help.

Acknowledgement by Usha Nirmala on twitter.

However, they now started peddling lies - which we also refuted in this thread - they claimed that we didn't tell them about these cases and "cheated them", which is absolutely false.

When we just put out facts, they began playing victim card - whining that we "pointed at them" - when all we did was point out their lies.

Excerpt from the "pre-legal notice" sent to us. One more lie.

Also, would like to inform people that the Hon. High Court of Telangana granted various reliefs to us multiple times.

Various reliefs granted to us by Hon. High court of Telangana

4: Doxxing our trustees, then claiming fake address.

They posted our elderly trustees' personal contact information on Twitter. We suspected, that it was done with an intention to get them harassed, so we promptly reported them for doxxing.

And so began a new lie: That the addresses were fake.

Please note: They nicely hid their own address and number, but conveniently left our elderly trustees' details visible to all, in a malicious tweet.


In 2020, Gowshala was being harassed by our enemies using goons, and local police was not co-operative. We had to approach PMO office directly, and Hon. High Court of Telangana to have an FIR filed and gain basic protection.

Here's the proof, below is the order of Hon. High court of Telangana, directing the concerned authorities, to register an fir against our harassers, mentioning the same address.


5: Helping people who tried to Usurp/Kabza the Gowshala in the past

As mentioned in the previous point no. 4, In 2020, the landlord of the Gowshala, from whom we had leased the land for 10 years, tried to Usurp the Gowshala. They barged into Gowshala with 25-30 goons, abused, harassed, and physically assaulted the Gowshala staff - in a bid to coerce them to leave so that they could Kabza the Gowshala. They also stole the CCTV footage in a bid to hide their crimes.

As local authorities weren't cooperating, we had to approach Hon. High Court of Telangana, who gave an order directing the local authorities to file an FIR against these goons. Only after that, did the harassment tone down.

FIR Filed by us against goons trying to usurp/kabza Gowshala, on the direction of Hon. High Court of Telangana:

FIR Filed by us against goons trying to usurp/kabza Gowshala, on the direction of Hon. High Court of Telangana

High court order directing local authorities to register FIR against goons:

High court order directing local authorities to register FIR against goons

After all this, Usha Nirmala and Rakesh Naik are now assisting these goons who tried to usurp/kabza the Gowshala, and peddling more lies.

Posts lease deed showing legal lease deed, claims illegal occupation

Lease deeds of Gowshala land

Kamadhenu Gowshala is being subjected to a smear campaign on a daily basis, since the past 3 weeks. We refuted the slander with proof in another post, and in this post as well. But the damage was done regardless. This traumatic incident has cost us loss of trust and caused harm to the Gowmatas. Multiple donors have cancelled their recurring donations to Gowmatas. Our follower count has decreased by a large margin. Some people started spamming and reporting us, and harassing us in messages. Most importantly, this caused a harsh stop to our biggest rescue mission till date.

Whatever your opinion on the legal issues faced by the founding family,

Gowshala has been run extremely transparently - with hourly updates on social media, and expenditure breakdown and Gowseva processes all publicly available on our website. We also have made our audit public for every one to see and judge.


We request everyone to take a look at all the facts and judge for yourself 🙏

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