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Breaking down a Smear Campaign

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Today, users named Hashirama and Gauprem started a smear campaign against us, spreading hateful aspersions and endangering Gowshala operations. In this post, We will breakdown and counter each and every point of their campaign in this post. Kindly read till the end.

1. The first tweet

The campaign starts with a lie. We had not been approached by this person or "asked for justification" at any point before this. Anyone can go through our timelines and verify this info.

2. Deleted Allegation

The next post in that thread was deleted before we could read it. If anyone has a screenshot of the same, kindly share so we can refute it.

3. False claims of shell corporations, and doxxing our trustees

Joshi Masala Pickles is a legitimate and quite famous pickles shop in Hyderabad. It is by no means a "shell corporation" nor a place that "does no actual business". One can verify the same in google: Joshi Masala Stores

Not only this, but the malicious spammer shares the home address of our trustee, doxxing their location and placing a target on them.

4. More scattered misinformation

This person names another of our trustee, claiming he had "dug up" this information. Except this was after we had made our trust deed public ago, which had this information beforehand. They still get it wrong though. The trustee, Aruna Malasani, is a 63 year old Lady.

Mr. Srinivas was the founder of Gowshala. After he got into trouble, to keep the Gowshala sustained, family members and friends got together and established a state-registered public Trust to sustain the Gowshala. We have not hidden this information anywhere, and in fact is the basic story we pitch on all our platforms, websites, and fundraisers.

5. More of presenting publicly available info as a "scoop"

Mr. Srinivas successfully ran a business for a decade, with all details publicly available and audited. The business has been wound up since 2012. Here this person claims that a shutdown business is also a shell corporation.

Joshi pickles, which is the business operated by one of our other trustees, has been in operation from early 1950s .

Apart from this, they have put mentions of legal cases that the family is fighting. Some members of the Devati family who founded the Gowshala are being harassed with false cases due a pending property issue involving powerful people. They are fighting the false cases, and have filed a quash petition regarding the same in Hon. High Court of Telangana.

The harassment was such that they had to approach the Prime Minister's Office with all details of harassment, which lead to them being assigned an administrative officer to help them - only after that, harassment toned down & Gowshala could survive to see this day.

Request everyone to form their opinions by looking at Gowshala and it's operations, and not random smear campaigns 🙏

6. Says we took donation before Gowshala was formed, crops and shares a tweet of ours where we donated to suffering sportsperson

Before Gowshala was established, we had donated to many causes, one of which was to suffering Kabaddi Players in Kashmir

Cropped tweet alleging us taking donation

Uncropped Tweet #1

Uncropped Tweet #2

As you all may already know, Gowshala was a private affair of the family before June 2021. We have not hidden this, and in fact this is included in our story on all our platforms.

Unfortunately, this person has deleted his tweets after this, so we are unable to further rebuke their false allegations. After we made a thread on twitter, pointing out the holes in this person's malicious attempts and allegations, and threatening legal action for slander, they proceed to block us, delete their tweets, then unblock us.

On top of this, they had the gall to say:

1. it was an impulsive mistake.

2. They were provided the info from someone else, and it was not their own "investigation"


Now, this wasn't the only user harassing us. Enter @GauPrem:

Again, someone makes a tweet that is completely false. Each an every day, we regularly and religiously post photos, videos of our activities and invoices of food we procure for the Gowmatas. Anyone is free to check our twitter handle and verify.

They claim that we have denied providing 80G receipt to our donors, which is also absolutely false. We have asked them to provide proof and source for their claims multiple times, but we got nothing from them.

Upon not receiving any proof or response from them, we decided to consider legal action, and informed them of the same, asking them one last time to provide proof for their allegations.

Immediately after, They toe the line of legality and slander, saying they aren't directly blaming us, but that they are just "informing".

What's funny is, the things they mention here - "live feeds, pics of management, pictures of inventory" - are things that we publicly provide online more than any other Gowshala. We proudly boast more transparency than any other Gowshala. (as some of you might already know, since you asked us about these and we answered).

Some of our donors had also responded to these allegations by providing proof, but were conveniently ignored by GauPrem.

Of course, when people refuted their allegations ("bombarded" by these refutations), they happily dismissed it and even subtly called it suspicious that we would get support.

GauPrem then proceeds to rewrite their smear campaign by lying about the narrative.

1. Gauprem had not asked us anything, they made a public post accusing us out of the sudden.

2. When asked for clarification, source, and proof multiple times, did not respond to us.

3. When their claims got refuted by people supporting us, said people got dismissed as "bots".

4. When we informed them of taking legal action for spreading lies, they play the victim - claiming we "threatened" them.

In an ideal world, accusations would be backed up with proof before being believed, and Gowshalas and Gowsevaks would work together for Gowseva, instead of trying to bury others down.

But this is Kalyug an era where punyakaris are the ones punished, so I guess we just have to live with it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


After all this harassment, fake allegations, character assassination, and doxxing. This traumatic incident has cost us loss of trust and caused harm to the Gowmatas. Multiple donors have cancelled their recurring donations to Gowmatas. Our follower count has decreased by a large margin. Some people started spamming and reporting us, and harasssing us in messages. Deplatforming of our account would be severely affecting Gowshala operations and even survival.


We understand that as a charitable organisation, we are answerable to our donors. People have a right to know what happens with their money. We understand this, and welcome people to question us and ask clarifications - all of which we have answered without fail in the past, and we have no problem in continuing to answer.

(Speaking of which, you can find the audited accounts of Gowshala operations here: Audit of Kamadhenu Gowshala and Foundation for Financial Year 2021-2022 )

What we do not approve is these impulsive misinformed attacks, equipped with an agenda, supported by those looking for clout. A directed attack on the organisation, framed as an "Expose", filled with false information, does not qualify as a mere questioning in our eyes. We request everyone to please please verify things before you do something that can bring about negative consequences.

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