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Help Rescue Gowmatas from Inevitable

66 Gowmatas Rescue

66 Gowmatas Rescue

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🙏Om Sree Gomatre Namaha🙏

About us: Kamadhenu Gowshala began its operations in 2018 with own family funds of 4.5Cr and rescued 600 Gowmatas till date, that could have potentially ended up in slaughter, by purchasing them from government specified cattle markets.


We have been seeking donations since June 2021, due to covid disruption.

Details of the current rescue mission:


As much as we can, we keep rescuing Gowmatas. In May 2022, we got a Whatsapp forward about 200+ Gowmatas in Kamareddy district of Telangana, whose owner is in severe financial troubles, and is selling off his herd, to wriggle out of his situation. Out of 200+, we rescued 66 Gowmatas with all your help in June 2022. As he got some relief, he delayed the sale of remaining Gowmatas, but again, having his financial conditions deteriorated, he's again bent upon selling his remaining herd.

That being the situation, and these Gowmatas being commercially unviable for dairies or farmers, as they are very less milk yielding breed, meaning milk is enough for the calf, so to avoid the obvious, that they could end up as beef, we have taken up this mission of rescuing as many Gowmatas as possible accepting it as a command from KRISHNA, putting the onus totally on the lotus feet of Krishna, we decided to go ahead and save atleast 108 Gowmatas.

Srikrishna, in Ashwamedhadika parva of Bhagavad Gita, said that saving the life of a Gowmata is equivalent to performing Ashwamedha Yagya.


यथो धर्मः ततो कृष्णः ; यथो कृष्ण: ततो जय:

Where there's Dharma, there's Krishna; 
where there's Krishna, victory is for sure.

We have agreed upon a price of ₹18,000 ($225) with the seller for each Gowmata to be rescued.

If possible, please sponsor a rescue of atleast one Gowmata from your end,

or Please kindly help Yathashakthi in this pious mission of rescuing Gowmatas 🙏

Various options to donate:

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