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Power of Upasana

This is a story about Sri Sri Vruddha Nusimha Bharati Swamy, Peetadhipathi of Sringeri Peetham.

Once Swamyji went for darshan of Madurai Meenakshi and wished to perform pooja to Ma. The poojaris objected to that, and asked Swamyji to have only darshan, saying that he cannot perform pooja to Meenakshi amma.

Swamyji was said to have attained all the Ashta Siddhis and was a great Upasaka (devotee) of Amma. Hearing these objections, he remained silent and asked his disciple to give him the coconut they brought to do pooja to Amma.

Taking the coconut in his hand, he prayed, recited mantras, and did avahana (invocation) of Meenakshi Matha into the coconut, and silently walked away from the temple.

As all the kalas of Matha had left with Swamy ji, the Meenakshi Ma idol became disfigured like burnt wood. The archakas of Meenakshi temple began to panic and worried. They then realised that it was Swamyji who took Ma along with him.

They went all the way to Sringeri and asked for forgiveness, pleadeding with him to bring the goddess back to Madurai. Forgiving them Swamyji went to Madurai again and initiated the goddess back into the idol.

Such is the power of Upasana.

Sri Gurubhyo Namaha.

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