• Kamadhenu Gowshala


Once upon a time, Rama was wandering in Dandakaranya forest and got thirsty. He came across a stream, and bounded to the water after putting his Saranga bow on the bank. He comes back from drinking water to see that he had put his Saranga bow on a frog, which was bruised and hurt due to the string of his Saranga.

He feels sorry and says to the frog "You should have shouted when I put my bow on your body without noticing". To which the frog replies, "Whenever I feel pain, I cry out to you for help, and now when the pain is given by Rama itself, I thought it's your will and my Karma".

The maturity of acceptance of Karma Phala is indeed a blessing, and it eases the stress and burden of challenges that life throws at us.

A small change in perception is what differentiates life from Living and Existing

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