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Gowraksha and its importance

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Gowmata is described in Vedas as


Which means that one which should never be harmed.

Atharva Veda reiterates,

"Gobhistulyam na pashyami dhanam"

Which means, there is no other wealth equivalent to Gowmata.

This precious Gowmata, which needs to be preserved, worshipped, revered, and loved, is now standing at a crossroads against her will, dangling between life and death, with fear in eyes, tremble in heart, and tremor in legs.

That Gowmata, which contains all the elements of divinity (Deva Vibhuti), stands on the verge of the abattoir, like a sacrificial epitome of our cultural and spiritual embodiment.

It should be remembered always, it is but Maya, that makes Gowmata appear meek just like Matha Seetha in Ashokavanam.

It is for us to work over this Maya, of Gowmata being meek and rescue and save the Gowmatas for our own good and welfare

Amidst the four cornered war on our cultural heritage, traditions and rituals, with a demonic aim to weaken us and our future generations of our vitality and identity, our generations are already in an abyss .

The Bouthika and the Paramardhika ,meaning the material and the spiritual benefits of Gowmatas are immense and innumerable.

The Panchagavya Chikitsa, the Go Aadharita Krishi(cow based agriculture) are already proving wonders

This should be understood, imbibed and preserved for the well being of our future generations.

Brahma Vaivarta Purana says

"aaturan pankalagnaamva choravyaghra bhayaditha
Mochayitva nijah sreshta ashwamedha phalam labhet"

Meaning, those who rescue Gowmata from thieves, pain and slaughter, will get punya of performing Ashwamedha Yagna.

Kamadhenu Gowshala has taken up a mission of rescuing Gowmatas from slaughter and bring them home, where they are nurtured, worshipped, and pampered.

This September till date ,we have brought 25 such Gowmatas inhumanly being dragged to slaughter .

To continue this mission, we need support from all of you, so that Gowmatas are preserved for our generations to come.

Let not a situation come, where Gowmata remains a history in scrolls and articles.

Let not a day come where our future generations would be shown idols of Gowmatas and pictures from books .

Let's us all wake up and lend a hand in this divine yagna and save Gowmatas for our own good.

Lest it leaves us in an unpardonable regret

Om sree gomatre namaha

Om sree surabhyai namaha


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