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Aahara Shuddhi and Gowmata

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

“Annam parabrahma swaroopam”

is what Sanatana Dharma reiterates.

The Nitya Naimittika karmas, which are told to be followed as daily rituals, have profound, significant meaning in Sanatan Dharma.

One such ritual is Aahara Shuddhi or purification of food and water we consume.

Taittareeya Upanishad describes that human body is made of Panchakoshas.






Annamaya and Pranamaya koshas facilitate the formation of STHULA SHAREERA or Physical body. Manomaya and Vignanamaya koshas facilitate SUKSHMA SHAREERA or the Subtle body, the Anandamaya kosha facilitates the formation of KARANA SHAREERA or the Causative body.

A depiction of the fives Koshas
Image source: Aatm Yogashala

In the cosmic universe, Atmas are present around us in vayu roopa, or in the form of invisible air. These are devoid of a UPADHI or INSTRUMENT, and are trying to attain a physical body for a chance at rebirth. They hold themselves on to the food we eat, to establish a channel into us, as The TEJAS, or the seed of life enters into a person through the food he eats, in men to transform as Beeja, and in women to transform as Kshetra.

Some Atmas having extreme Papa Karma exist as Kshudra Shaktis. They do not qualify for the opportunity to relinquish the Papa Karma by experience of Naraka, and have no place to belong. These Kshudra Shaktis force themselves in along with normal Atmas and enter our bodies, trying to hijack the process of reincarnation, or, failing which, try to sustain their being by anchoring themselves to our minds, influencing our thoughts and actions (this is usually the case for children, who are still immature, or for pregnant women, who are hosts of two Atmas).

The food we eat hence has to be purified while eating, to rid it of these negative energies or Kshudra Shaktis. This can be achieved in 3 ways, and all the three should be duly followed by all.

  1. Through NAIVEDYA


  3. Through DAANA to Gowmata

The food that is cooked should be first offered to Paramatma as NAIVEDYAM.

Before eating, the food should be purified with PARISHECHANA Kriya, where water is taken in hand and turned across food with mantra.

And the most important, the FIRST MORSEL OF THE FOOD SHOULD BE GIVEN TO GOWMATA. This according to Rigveda, not only takes away Anna Doshas, but also facilitates in Pitru Nivedana, and also Bhoota Bali. The first morsel given to Gowmata, removes the Kshudra Shakti latching to the food, and leaves us with AMRUTHA or Nectar.

Hence, another name of Gowmata is Amrutha.

The Amrutha then gets assimilated into Tejas, which facilitates the ANNAMAYA KOSHA, the gross physical form, or the Sthula Shareera, and the MANOMAYA KOSHA, resulting in positive minds and thought processes, and a spiritually healthy offspring.

Om sree gomatre namaha Om sreekrishnaya namaha


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