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Kanduyanam Shilas

Gowmata it seems is more satisfied when her itches are relieved, and when her dewlap is massaged, than when when she is fed.

Whenever gowmata rubs herself on this Shila, she gets so relieved, that the sigh of satisfaction vanquishes Ajanma papas (sins accumulated through the reincarnation cycle). It is said that how many ever hairs of Gowmata fall on the ground in this process, that many years Pitrudevatas are given Swarga Prapti.

When the Yatana Shareera (uncomfortable astral body given in naraka) of Pitrus is transformed to Soukhya Shareera (comfortable astral body given in Swarga), they bless the Vansh (descendants) wholeheartedly. Pitru Doshas gets transformed to Pitru Deevana, which paves way for happiness and Aishwarya in lives 🙏

Kanduyana Shilas are getting ready to be installed in Gowshala. Each Shila is weighing about a ton each and installation with the help of a crane would cost  ₹21,000  each.  🙏

Kanduyanam Shilas

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